Syncopation Archive

Syncopation: A Newsletter for a New Year” launched in January 2016 as part of my personal New Year’s Resolution. I want to read more poetry. I want people to share it with. And I want more space for reflection, intentionality, and curiosity-based learning. Unclear where this road will take me, I invited you on the journey of exploration. I didn’t promise much: A greeting in your email box once a week. That has since shifted to about once every other month. We explore poems and literature, art history, stillness and meditation, jokes, pop culture, comfort foods of the season, and whatever else life serves up. It may be cheesy. It may be reflective. It may be chaos. If you’d like, please sign up to find out. 

Below are  a selection of some of the recent archived newsletters.

Syncopation 30: In the darkness

Syncopation 29: Giving thanks

Syncopation 28: Shifting the Sun

Syncopation 27: Earth’s Laughter

Syncopation 26: Spring Equinox

Syncopation 25: Heart to Heart

Syncopation 24: I’m Possible

Syncopation 23: Praise Song

Syncopation 22: A New Moon

Syncopation 21: Chin Up, Heart Open