What’s in your desk drawer?

With the new year, I’ve kick started my saving plan with a more fully stocked refrigerator, freezer, pantry….. and my desk drawer.

The worst feeling is when the afternoon comes around at work, and I am feeling  that terrible combination of sluggish (because I had a hefty portion of hot fabulous leftover pasta) and hungry. The answer? A little pick-me-up, of course!

During the cold winter months leaving the office feels like a chore, and often begs the question – what would I get? And it must meet two requirements: (1) low-budget plus (2) the New Year’s renewed commitment to eating healthy. Let’s see how our options fare:

The bowl of peanut M&Ms in the office down the hall.  Budget: FREE.  Health: NOPE. I didn’t like the rainbow in my hand anyhow.

The vending machine in the break room. Budget: Low. Health: NOPE. Those bags of chips are too small anyway.

Bag of chips from the store on the ground floor. Budget: Overpriced. Health: Not satisfying. 

Looks like I’ll have to leave the building. I often justify getting an afternoon snack out of the office as an excuse to stretch my legs, and I say “I deserve it,” because I brought my lunch.

Here are some of my go-to options for a hearty afternoon snack under $4: One Chipotle taco ($3.50) piled high with fixings, a cup of soup from the deli on the corner ($4.25), a bagel with hummus and tomato (2.50 – 3.50 depending on who is at the cash register) or an piece of fruit ($1).

But the real key to staving off the munchies is the secret desk drawer! Here is what is in mine:desk drawer snacks

Dried persimmons, raw almonds, a jar of peanut butter, an apple, and oatmeal. Budget: FREE (groceries) Health: YUP. Stocked with healthy, blood-sugar steadying, snacks that I actually enjoy. Yes, taste does matter. The afternoon snack is a bit of a coveted treat, after all.

What are your favorite snack foods to keep in the desk drawer?

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