Dreams and making them happen

I just downloaded a webinar on how to build a new relationship with money. One that sparks joy, not fret. It is a constant struggle. As someone who is an ambitious penny-pincher, it can be hard to loosen up and just treat myself, without tracking every cent.

It is easy to get caught up in the save, save, make more, invest, cycle – looking at others’ purchases of a big home, or a fridge fully stocked with expensive cheese and feel like I am behind. Or to not keep a stockpile of potential yard sale items in the corner of my house, rather than sending them swiftly to the thrift store.

This webinar is significant because it is about aligning our values with our spending. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well, easier said than done. Sometimes we spend on something because we feel we need to keep up appearances, or because it is an automatic deduction that we don’t think about. But mainly, we are always clenching to our money because we feel like we never have enough. I could come up with excuses, like “if only we have socialized medicine – then I wouldn’t have to have emergency health savings” or “if only I didn’t have student loans, then I’d be ahead like everybody else.” Both fear and comparison are dangerous.

So, instead, the solution is to focus on the things that spark joy. My list included:

Dancing, singing, traveling, getting out in nature, and a few others.

If I were to truly align my spending with my values, I would be paying for dance classes, and

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