Why am I writing this blog?

Good question. Essentially it is a way to hold myself accountable – to have an audience – as I struggle through the messy financial journey.

But also, I want to show others that this is possible. That you don’t need to make a fancy six-figure income to make a dent in your savings dream.

For starters, money is so personal. Even among friends, we don’t really talk about our  salaries, how much we save, or anything in between. And meanwhile, especially in a big city there are so many tempting (expensive!) activities to go to with friends – boozy brunches, ski trips, wine festivals, and happy hours. (Yes, Washington D.C. is known for our drinking habit – another blog on that soon.) So, this blog is an effort to break that taboo. Only since talking with friends about money have I learned that we are each wired diferently – motivated to chronicle our spending patterns in ways we have learned from our parents, friends, astrological signs, and whatever organizational system we can muster. As a result, I found out that my method of tracking every penny I spend every day in an excel spreadsheet is not necessarily the norm. But I certainly do know that the internet can be a deep trove of gazing into the lives of others, and money is one of those dark closed doors that with the world my meticulous spreadsheets I’ve been tracking for the past several years in the hopes that it will inspire others to think about their spending in this way too.

Spending and saving is also addicting

Am I on the path to a luxurious early retirement? Maybe.. Do I still have a long way to go? Absolutely. Is it worth it to save a lot, go on big vacations, buy multiple properties, and humble brag about it? Heck yes!

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