The beginning: A snapshot

I am a 30-something gal living in our nation’s capital. Along with many of my friends, I work for a nonprofit and for the past 8 years since finishing school I have scrimped and saved.

This blog is not the end or the beginning, but rather a snapshot along the way toward the dream: passive income, early retirement, and lots of vacations.

What have I accomplished so far? I successfully save more than $80,000 over 8 years, while living in one of the nation’s most expensive cities, making an average of $54,000/year and paying an average of $3,500/ year in my ever-growing student loans. This is a savings of more than 35% of my take home pay, (not including my retirement savings).

While I’ve made big mistakes, I also learned some pro-tips along the way. Since I love talking about financial planning, reading other blogs, and crunching numbers, I figured I might as well take a stab at sharing my lessons online too. Thanks for joining, and hope to hear from you too!

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